MOB Arrangements – Louie Louie & Shout

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Two staples of the Rice University Marching Owl Band (MOB) music library are Louie Louie and Shout; as a result, (the original recordings of) these selections frequently get played at MOB weddings (among other events). It seems that, every time this happens, folks remark how different (and how much longer) they are compared to the MOB arrangements. So, I’ve rectified that.

The following are the original artist recordings of these songs, but re-cut to match the MOB arrangements. Hopefully future MOB-sters can avoid rotator-cuff injuries by dancing to these revisions rather than the uber-long originals. Enjoy!

MP3: Louie Louie
WAV: Louie Louie
MP3: Shout
WAV: Shout

Oh, and if you do use either of these, be sure to support the original artist by purchasing a copy as well. 😎

Original Louie Louie:
Original Shout: