Happy Pentecost!

I hurriedly slapped this video together this evening after getting the idea stuck in my head over the weekend. Sorry about the poor production values, hope you still appreciate the joke!

A little sacrilegious? Probably.
Rather amusing? I think so.

Plot o’ Land

One of the stereotypical elements of the American Dream is owning land. I live in an apartment (which is fantastic for this stage of my life), but have had a growing desire to acquire a small plot of land on which to maintain a lawn of my own. So, a few weeks ago I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I’ve constructed a 2′ x 2′ x 6″ wooden box… sanded it, stained it, and waterproofed it. I then filled it with potting soil and sowed a healthy quantity of bermudagrass seed. After considerable watering, sun, and a few weeks waiting, I now have a 4′ sq lawn of my very own!

PS: Anyone have a lawn mower I could borrow? Self-propelled is preferred.

PPS: The pot contains newly-sprouted catnip.

Gerber Baby Punks

Those thugs at Gerber Baby Life Insurance just won’t leave me alone! I’ve asked them nicely to stop sending me junk mail, but they haven’t… so I’m taking drastic measures. As it turns out, you can tape a “Postage Paid” envelope to a package and the soliciting company has to pay the bill. This time those Gerber Baby Punks are getting a tennis ball. Next time it’ll be a brick. See the pictures below.

PS: I checked with a postal worker before mailing this and was assured I wasn’t bending / breaking any laws or guidelines. I got the idea from here.

Dear Raccoons

To the banded mammals that live off the flight line; when I’m walking home after a long day of work, please refrain from scurrying out of the bushes across my path. You may think you’re being playfully cute, but I’m running out of clean pants. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Audio-Animatronic “Peep” Show

In the spirit of Easter, I’ve designed and constructed an audio-animatronic “Peep” Show. This is inspired by a long-running pun amongst of group of friends of mine. Total part count: 10 Servos, 29 LEDs, 1 Arduino, 1 Audio Decoder IC, 1 Push Button, 1 0.5 W Speaker, ~650 Lines of Code, 3 Sheets of Foamboard, 5′ of Balsa Wood, 3′ of Dowels, 25′ of Wire, & 11 Peeps.

Extra-special thanks to the SPYAG for the inspiration to do this, I couldn’t / wouldn’t have done this without y’all!

Finale File Icon

I recently updated my copy of Finale to PrintMusic 2011 and was appalled to find that CodaMusic is still using their crappy 16×16 pixel file icon (see left) from the mid-nineties! Now, I understand that I’m nitpicking at this point, but is it too unreasonable to ask that the icon used on my *.mus files don’t look like something out of Windows 95?

So, I decided to do something about it. I created a new icon for the *.mus file extension (see right) and have developed a handy-dandy little batch file to automatically copy it into the Finale resource directory and (by tweeking the registry) set it as the default icon for Finale Music Files. This new icon scales all the way up to 512×512, so it should be pretty future-proof. If you want to set up the same configuration on your own desktop, just download THIS zip file, extract the contents, and then double click the enclosed MUS.bat file. Follow the on-screen instructions, log-off and log-back-on to Windows, and BOOM, you’re done. Enjoy!

Praise Music Transcriptions

Lately I’ve started playing violin with the praise band at church. It’s been a really rewarding experience getting a chance to help lead the congregation in worship. As part of my preparation for each Sunday, I’ve taken the time to transcribe melody lines from the songs we’re set to play. I created these files originally just for my own use, but now figure… “hey, I’ve taken the time to do this, why not throw the files on the web for fellow musicians to use”. So… here you go… I hope someone, somewhere finds these useful.


Here I Am To Worship

In Christ Alone

It is Well

Lord Have Mercy

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Refiner’s Fire

To You be the Glory

Wonderful, Merciful, Savior

Word of God Speak

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)

You Are My King

Your Name

PS: In case it’s not evident by the religious nature of this music, do me a favor and don’t pirate the actual songs. I’m providing basic melody lines here to aid the praise-band musician in leading worship with pieces they have previously obtained licenses to.

The Artist

In the late fall of 2009 I finished work on writing & producing the soundtrack to the independent feature film “The Artist”. I’m really proud of my involvement in this project… especially (what I consider to be) my top 3 compositions: “The Artist“, “Eternity“, and “Daybreak“. What follows is the official film synopsis and a few links related to the project.

From the critically-acclaimed creators of “The Receipt” (2008) comes the “The Artist”, an independent film which tells the story of Alex, a comic-book connoisseur who is entering his final year of college. Through a psychology class he meets, and falls for Rebecca, and as his relationship with her grows, he discovers that hiding beneath her soft, caring surface is a troubled past and signs of continued anguish. Reminded of buried trauma from his own past, Alex begins to confuse past and present, fantasy and reality, and weaves for himself a delusion wherein he comes to believe that he is the real-life hero from his comic-book sketches. As delusions unravel and reality sets in, “The Artist” becomes a story of star-crossed lovers, secrets revealed, the enduring pain of loss, and the encapsulating psychological hold the powerful wield over the powerless.

Soundtrack Home – Download Audio & Sheet Music

IMDB Home – Internet Movie Database Entry

Film Home – Official Film Homepage

Amazon MP3 – Buy the Soundtrack on Amazon or iTunes

DVD Sales – Buy the DVD Direct from Source