The Receipt

“The Receipt” is an independent feature film out of UVA. It boasts a long list of firsts for student film from the University, and has been produced to a caliber on par with mainstream independent film. I’ve worked as one of the four co-producers for the film as well as composing an entirely original score.

I’ve provided a collection of multimedia clips, news articles, and soundtrack-centric information on this page so you can get a feel for the film. All material herein is copyright to RiverBend Films & KRingg Studio. Please visit the official film website for the most up to date information:


This is the first feature film, produced entirely by University of Virginia students, to have a full length original soundtrack. At over fifty minutes of music, this album represents the same percentage of score to film as one would find in a typical Hollywood film. This project makes use of the state-of-the-art Vienna Symphonic Library and has been composed / arranged for an ensemble of over 20 unique instruments. The capstone piece, “In Any Way I Can”, summarizes the bonds of friendship between Norah and Evie and features a full sized orchestra accompanying the vocal talents of Annie and Elyse Steingold. All music was composed, orchestrated, and mixed by Kyle Ringgenberg.

If you’d like to download MP3s, PDFs, or XML from the soundtrack, please visit its page at Free Use Music.


Here’s a collection of the publicly available multimedia clips from “The Receipt”. All video files will open in the KRingg flash player at 480i resolution. You can find larger resolution versions of these same files here:

Teaser is the original 50 second teaser trailer for the film… the first bit of work anyone saw. Trailer is the official movie trailer. If you watch anything, this is the one you’ll want to see… and yes, the score is entirely my work! Blooper is the blooper reel… showing off a bit of the behind-the-scenes craziness. This clip is definitely rated R so if strong language offends you, don’t watch it! The last link is the movie poster. We had 1,000 copies of this printed and distributed throughout the UVA campus.


Movie Poster

Media Attention

“The Receipt” set a number of impressive UVA student film records including ‘longest narrative’, ‘first full-length original score’, and ‘most financially ambitious’. Considering this, we received quite a lot of media attention. Here you’ll find a collection of my favorite media stories. They range in distribution from web to radio, print to television.

C-Ville Radio
C-Ville Weekly


As production on “The Receipt” drew to close, I had a number of individuals asking me how they could purchase a copy of the final film and/or soundtrack. Here’s a list of the most popular points of distribution. I recommend using the Official Store since it’s directly managed by the crew of the film. The other sources are posted primarily for fun, just to give you a feel for the broad reaching nature of this work.

Official Store
CD Baby
Retail Store