Circuit City Liquidation

As most everyone should know by now, Circuit City has gone out of business and the stores are being liquidated. If you’re one of the many people who see the phrase “Liquidation Sale” and assume you’re in for some bargains… think again. Most of the items “on sale” at Circuit City have been artificially jacked-up in price and then “discounted” back down to values still more expensive than many competitor’s prices.

This is just another sad example of how the consumer electronics industry is screwing people who don’t know any better. Here’s a little tip, before you ever go to a physical store to purchase anything electronic, do yourself a favor and visit Newegg first. They generally have the best prices available anywhere, and most items have extensive user reviews. Don’t let yourself get hustled by the big-name stores.

Some examples of Circuit City liquidation “bargains”:

  • 50-inch Panasonic plasma TV: Circuit City: $1,800, Elsewhere: $1,365
  • HP All-in-One Printer: Circuit City: $270, Elsewhere: $141
  • Garmin GPS: Circuit City: $225, Elsewhere: $141

Source: Consumer Reports

One thought on “Circuit City Liquidation

  1. This is fairly well known.

    Circuit City had decent (although not particularly) good bargains after they declared bankruptcy and were trying to find someone to buy off their assets.

    Now that they’re in receivership, those deals are gone. The (IIRC) four holding companies that took over parts of Circuit City reverted all prices to MSRP.

    So yeah -> no deals.

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