Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller

After two years of hard work, I’ve officially finished my work on the film The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller! I submitted the soundtrack for manufacturing last night and can’t wait to hold the final product in my hands. In the meantime, this (very cool) 3d rendering will have to do: 3d Proof View.

Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be posting the entirety of the soundtrack online as lossless FLAC and portable MP3 files. I’ll also be writing a blurb about each track as considerable thought went into designing the score. For now, the following is taken from the liner notes of the album:

Creating the soundtrack for The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller has been a uniquely challenging experience. As our protagonist explains, true randomness does not exist beyond the quantum world; the musical challenge was to compose a score that reiterates this concept. The approach was twofold: draw heavily on musical references, and utilize character-centric themes.

Nearly every piece is built upon a specific genre, inspiration, or concept. This is generally done via chord progressions, instrumentations, and/or melodic intervals. The most obvious example is the diegetic use of Ave Maria in Hamlet. Elsewhere you’ll find remnants of and allusions to Buddhist chant, It Is Well With My Soul, the circle of 4ths/5ths, and many more. By drawing on traditional sacred music and various mathematical patterns, the soundtrack embodies the themes of religion and science.

In addition to every track drawing on carefully chosen thematic material, each is also tightly correlated with a given character (or pseudo-character). The actual score heard while viewing the film is an amalgamation of these various tracks: combined, intercut, and overlaid to reinforce the actions and intentions of the players in any given scene. The soundtrack before you is unique in that it’s not a simple copy-and-paste of the film’s score; instead, it’s a collection of the major themes that comprise the film’s music. Every flourish you hear on this album appears in the film; likewise, nearly every note in the film is recorded on this collection. However, these flourishes and notes will not align; what you’ll hear on this album is the original per-character source material, from which the film score is derived.

It’s been a real pleasure to again collaborate with RiverBend Films; I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

I look forward to sharing my hard work with you all, it’s been a real blast and I’m extremely proud of how everything turned out.