UVA Activities

My primary activity at UVA thus far is my involvement in the student film “The Receipt”. I’m working primarily as “original score composer” but am also helping out as a production assistant. This has been a blast so far considering my history of fascination with film. This project is being done very professionally as well, I’ll post some set photos once I get a chance.

Here’s a blurb from the official film website, I think it sums things up very well. The Receipt is a full-length feature independent film produced entirely by students at the University of Virginia. With a final anticipated length of almost two hours, a cast of 12 principals and countless extras, a highly-dedicated crew, a budget close to $10,000, and drawing on the resources of the UVa Film Makers’ Society, the Media Studies Department, the Department of Drama, and other UVa academic and business offices, The Receipt is the largest, longest, most expensive, and most ambitious project conducted at the University to-date. The film is being shot and exhibited in full-1080p High Definition digital with accompanied by a complete six-channel Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound mix. The Receipt will also be the first student film at UVa ever to have its own completely original musical score, to be composed, orchestrated, and conducted by graduate student Kyle Ringgenberg.

Please feel free to check out the official movie site, current located here: http://www.TheReceiptMovie.com Note that this site is very much a work in progress (by our director, Kevin G. Bender). As progress continues, I’ll make a point to post updates on the Blog portion of my own website.